Sunday, April 27, 2014

Anxious Dog Sound Pleaser

Anxious Dog to Happy Dog

Sound Therapy Sound Machine
The Anxious Dog Sound Machine utilizes sound therapy to help distract a dog from stressors causing fear and anxiety such as the sound of thunderstorms or fireworks, or to help on those long trips with a dog who has anxieties in the car.
These are tested sounds are played on a loop for 2 hours... each last one to two minutes, just long enough to distract your dog, and keep their interest.


• Positive affirmation, the sound of praise
• Baby Chickens, the sounds of Birds
• Happy Barks, Squeak Toys and treat bags
• A ride passed a waterfall, snack time sounds

Some of the proceeds of this app purchased through the android play store will go to a local NO KILL animal shelter

App creator Andrea has been working in pet care for many years. First as a Vet tech at a veterinary ER, a receptionist at a day clinic, a pet care specialist at Pet Smart, and most recently she received her certification as a canine massage therapist.

Andrea created this app for her own dog who suffers from separation anxiety and anxiety on car rides... When the Thundershirt and pleasing pheromones weren't enough to help, and medications only made things more tolerable, Andrea went through the painstaking task of finding and recording each sound that excited her dog, and caused him to forget, even for a moment about his stress. This sound therapy machine is the fruits of her efforts